Sunday, February 04, 2007

Q: What did you do as a child, but just can’t do any more?

Saw this lovely list on the net.
Found it was very interesting.


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Very Filmi said...


Love the concept of this blog.

This post especially...Here 10 things I miss about my childhood:

1.Have only one best friend.
2.Eating berries and checking if the colour has transferred to your tongue.
3.Looking up for the world “sex” in the dictionary.
4.Waiting for Diwali, just to shop for new clothes.
5.Playing antakshari with my brother, sleeping on the adjacent bed, after Mum has switched the light and kissed us goodnight.
6.Playing Doctor Doctor (Ahem !Wink Wink).
7.Team competitions (Actually have forgotten how it feels to win as a team).
8.Fighting with my cousin sister and separating our toys and bringing them back together after we have patched up.
9.My Mum feeding me and washing my face (That soothing touch of her soft hands).
10.Over sleeping in the school bus and missing my stop.