Friday, December 01, 2006

10 reasons to quit

"We need this to look really amazing - It's really got to stand out. D&AD work! But the budget is small so don´t spend any time working on this."

"Give us a layout for the ad that's more like the one our CEO designed on PowerPoint."

"There's a lot of empty space in this ad, but I'm just not sure that the audience we are targeting is the empty-space audience."

"The good news is, you have the weekend to work."

"I like edit 1 and 3"
(Client on hearing same v/o played 4 times)

"He wasn't there for the final day, but we need him inserted because he attended. And it has to look very realistic. Please use any pictures you have on file since he has no time for a shoot now."
(Client explaining why her bosses picture has to be cut-paste into a group picture.)

"Concept 1 is approved. Although why don't you show me something that incorporates concept 1 with concept 3 and uses the headline from concept 2? Make the logo bigger like in concept 2 and the copy larger from concept 3. You guys did a great job, you are right on target with concept 1."

"I think the white background is great but customers will understand a pink one better"

"There are just a few things we need to change in tomorrows press ad."
(Client, 3 minutes before material deadline.)

"Can we see a few more layout options?"
(Client after seeing 3 options for a 10cc Black & White ad)

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