Wednesday, October 11, 2006

'Cool' thingamabobs

1) Drinkwear by Carrie and Co.
Set of four brightly coloured “tennis shoe” coasters that slip onto the “foot” of your glass and let you wander. Put your glass down wherever you like without worrying about finding a coaster.

2) Beer bands by Fred
All beers are created equal, or so it seems when you're trying to find yours at a party. So just stretch a beer band around your bottle or can and separate yourself from the pack.

3) Ice cube Tray by LEGO®
LEGO® has always been super cool so this just seems perfect. Made out of flexible durable silicone this is child safe and totally non toxic. Igloos anyone?

4)Diamond Ice by Fred
Pseudo bling to jazz up any party. Love the tongue in cheek kitsch of is. And you just set cranberry juice ice cubes for rubies or lemon juice ones for emeralds!

5)Pink Elephants by Accoutrements
Lots of alcohol = pink elephants. Atleast that is what Dumbo taught us.


blaiq said...

Love the drinkwear and the lego ice.

mathatheist said...

Love them, esp the drinkwear (soooooo needed, want to buy them Rajiv and all his drinking buddies), the Lego and diamond ice and teh drink bands, though there's so much more they could do with that idea.

sue said...

o god. the lego ice tray is so cute.